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I have been running this site by myself since 1996 simply because I don't think that adult oriented websites have to be sleazy, icky or run by corperations.

It's important to me that bodies of all shapes and sizes are seen for the beauty that they hold.

I'm 34 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. Up until a few years ago I did this site full time. Recently I obtained my degree in Counseling Psychology and I am beginning a private practice as a sexuality counselor and relationship therapist. Members can ask me for relationship advice but my psychotherapy practice is limited to the local SF Bay Area.

I was born and raised in NY but currently live in Northern California where I collect muppets, research sexuality & play World of Warcraft obsessively (here's my toon).

I tend toward heterosexual, monogamous relationships. For that reason most of the pics on my site are either of me solo or with female friends.

I recently married my sweetheart Jens (May 2009!). He likes the fact that other people are excited by my body.

I enjoy my sex kinky and connected. The type of connections that make me happy are few and far between so instead I stay to myself mostly.

If you're looking for a wide variety of women doing a wide variety of things, this probably isn't the site for you. is all about moi and is designed just for those who are interested in photos of me.

This site is just about me expressing my own natural sexuality.

I don't use photographers or fancy lighting, it's just me & my auto timer. It's oldschool but its what feels right for me!

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